Location: Mistress’ Boulevard, the main promenade and display place of Mistresses with their “pets”, represented by submissive men and women, ready to execute all orders given during walks.

Clothing: The submissive men and women wear a collar and a leash, or a special collar and no clothing, except for shoes (no socks) and hand and knee protections, when they are ordered to walk on all-fours. Another clothing was available, but it was all made of black or read latex, and only for the submissive women, obliged they have widely cut-out holes around the cunt and ass, and boobs hanging out, with nipples erect and rouged in bright red. Also, all those who are walked must be completely shaved.
Behavior: The submissive men and women walk two steps behind Mistresses, on a leash, aren’t allowed to have any initiatives, and, when receiving an order from their Mistress, they must have the maximum attitude for assuring her satisfaction, most of them being already instructed as to what attitude to adopt.
On a beautiful summer day, the Mistress decided for us to go on a walk on the Boulevard, asking me to serve her with devotion, as otherwise she would make me walk on all-fours, dragging me like a dog.

At one point, after we got on the street, the Mistress met a friend who also had, on a leash, a submissive woman, aged approximately 24, skinny, scared, but curious at the same time, with extremely flashy make-up, red lips, with lipstick exceeding her lips, and blue make-up including on her forehead, with the air of a dreamer.
The Mistress, aroused by the presence for walks, on the Boulevard, of so many submissive women and men, naked or in tight latex, with their genitals on sight, has ordered me, to her satisfaction, to take care of the little “pet” of her friend and see how perverted it is, in order to set some kind of friendship.
Thus, in plain sight, I had to smell her, to lick her cunt, then her ass, to suck the creases of her ass, to stick my tongue deeply, and then she smelled me, licked me, spat on me, growled when sensing the smell of my ass, without forgetting my balls, the head of my dick, which she almost harrowed with her teeth, which made me pee with horniness in her mouth; then I licked her mouth, also sensing what she sensed… we were also let to kiss like that for a few minutes, which also caused me pleasure, leaving me with a sweet-sourish taste on my palate and trails of yellowish juice on my neck, dripping to my chest.

Miss decided to buy a new pair of high heel shoes, and I said I want to spend some more time with her friend’s submissive, which lead to my Mistress’ discontent with the fact that I argued her decision and decided to punish me for my disobedience.
We then entered the largest shop on the Boulevard, interested in Mistresses and submissivesshopping.

In the middle of the shop, with many people around, encouraged by Miss and following well-known rules from the exercises made at home, I leaned backwards so that the Mistress can come on top, demonstrating her property right; at that time, as required by the society’s rules, Miss was showing I was her “dog”, that I had not behaved and that I am obliged to submit, reason for which she let go on my face, ordering me to swallow as much as possible; this made me moan, snuffle (it had entered my nose) or to spit what I couldn’t swallow. Because it seemed I was in the wrong, at the order of my Mistress, but as society rule, all girls younger or the same age as my Mistress started to spit on me violently, especially on my face, and to try, between my flounders, to pee on my face. My Mistress pushed them away at one time, and, as her satisfaction, she took my leash off, ordered me to sit on all fours with my back to her, and applied 7 smacks with the leash, 3 on my back and 4 on my ass, which made me howl once from pain and to gasp otherwise, for not drawing attention of all those in the shop.
Afterwards, even though I was wet and bearing visible marks from applying satisfaction rules, the Mistress decided for me, the “dog”, to sit besides her and lick, with care and patience, her shoes, then her feet, toes and heels, in order to massage her and help her try on her new shoes easier.
Also, the Mistress told everyone watching she has the right to decide how the submissive will behave, reason for which, in plain sight, she put her old shoe between her legs and filled it with transparent-gold pee, which she gave me and which I had to drink in one sip, in the applause of those present. Without any exaggeration from my part, I had to drink four uro-high heel shoes before my Mistress decided for us to withdraw in the changing room.

At that time, apparently quiet, but tired from one hour of public torment, my Mistress let me rest, ordering me to rub my dick (but without cumming) while applying me a butt-plug she had wet with spit to penetrate more easily, operation which made me flinch from the pain caused by the quick spread of my ass.
Before leaving, she ordered me to turn backwards, and the she pulled out from her bag a black, harsh, half-meter belt, without a buckle, which she bent and hit me on my right ass cheek, leaving a red and wide mark on that side of my ass. “This was your reward for my satisfaction.” said the Mistress.
Upon leaving the shop, we continued our walk on the Boulevard, and the Mistress decided for me to wear the butt-plug again, so that people would see me with it.
“Because it is possible that you would break the rules again, I will take you to see what happens to submissives which Mistresses hand over to authorities for corporal punishment” said the Mistress, and lead me to a devious square, where sanctions were applied by authorized persons. Then, I saw a large wooden scene, surrounded by aluminum bars, and on it were, at that time, two submissive women, aged 19-22, and a larger submissive man, aged around 37. Their names were written on a metal plate, Pussycat, Anabelle and Andy.
All of them were tied up from some wooden girders, so that they couldn’t use their hands, but they had some possibility to move their legs, which they didn’t stop struggling. Only one of the submissive women wore a gag, and the other one and the submissive man had masks made of silver material, so we could hear slight moans, sometimes accompanied by jerky howls and sighs, resulted from the applied punishments.

When entering the square, two Dominatrixes were handling the gaged submissive, who cried stridently and had a red face from a multitude of severe slaps. So, while one of them pulled her hair violently for tilting her head backwards, the other Dominatrix applied repeated clit spanking with a special belt, which made the submissive’s cunt swollen as a ripe peach, which sweat, accompanied by sighs, dripped from her forehead and her thighs, in large drips which wet the stage’s floor.
At the same time, we could hear the jerky howls of the ungagged submissive, who was being applied some hot wax on her tits and cunt, from a large candle, especially made for this purpose. Also, the submissive was inserted in the ass a mechanism for extending her butthole, for also dripping hot wax on the rims of her anus, thus uncovered.
Finally, the submissive man had his eyes covered in a cloth soaked in the sweat and pee of the first submissive and then had several clamps from his balls; afterwards, a Dominatrix tried to kick them off with horsewhip smacks, and in the specially set breaks, she applied hard slaps on his penis, as it became red and extremely erect. He didn’t escape the melt wax drips curdling on his erect penis.

After several minutes of such activities, at the order of a coordinating Dominatrix, the three submissives were left alone in order to be applied, from a certain distance, bull-whip smacks, which lead to the appearance of many red streaks on their backs and legs, terminated with red dots impregnated on their skin, all among moans, howls, phlegmsdripping from their mouth corners, sweat, pee and, for the gagged submissive, even dripping some traces of feces, caused by jerks and intense pushingshe had subjected herself to.
Considering it was enough, the Mistress was terrifying me with the idea she could hand me over to them if I didn’t behave, and then decided for us to head back home, not before making me turn around and applying a hard belt smack on my entire back, causing me an intense sting and, once again, a hard erection, with a slight drip of sperm and pee, maybe also caused by the show I had watched.

Once we got home, my Mistress told me she had a surprise for me, so that she put to boil a serving of pasta for broth, which, after they were cooked, she put hot in a deep plate and then placed between her legs and inundated them with ample jets of pee, until she managed to cover them. Afterwards, she made me sit at the table, she put the plate in front of me, gave me a spoon and ordered me to eat, without any hurry and to spice it if I want, “because otherwise either I will hand you over to those on the stage, either I’ll tear your ass to pieces with the black wide belt”.

After eating, although I told my Mistress I felt the need to cum from all this horniness, Miss mounted a chastity belt and, after sitting comfortably on the couch, she ordered me to execute her, while she sleeps or watches TV, which I knew from experience will last for at least an hour and a half, a continuous ass worship “until your tongue becomes blunt and your jaw hurts”, as she usually said.
Thank you, Mistress!