• John remains petrified in front of this chastity belt placed on the cushion red velvet that held Marianne in her hands, totally transfixed, with a mixture ofanguish and wonder… he remains prostrate and what does that name on the padlock mean? “Joanne” …
    While I’m still lost in my thoughts, Veronica grabbed the cage and installs it on my cock and my balls with the help of Claudia. In less than 2 minutes, I was equipped with the chastity belt …I came out of my thoughts by the “CLICK” of the padlock that Veronica has just closed on the cage …Veronica: “It’s done, it seems heavy at first but we get used to it very quickly”
    Claudia: “Yes, you will see, after a few days, this begins to be a part of your body, it becomes natural”
    Marianne: “Yes, I confirm, I wear mine for one month now, and I feel better now,
    I don’t want to remove it”
    John / Joanne: “But … euhhhh … what does it mean, i will keep it for how
    Claudia: “all your life, you signed the contract, you are a subject of Goddess
    Antonella, and all her subjects are wearing a chastity belt”
    John / Joanne: “That means you also wear a chastity belt”
    Veronica: “Yes, of course”
    And all three start to laugh, raise their sissy dress up, and show to Joanne,
    their chastity belt!
    Claudia: “Welcome home Joanne, you’ll be happy here”
    John / Joanne: “My name is not Joanne, I’m John, a lawyer by profession, I’m
    from London, I’m …”
    Veronica: “Stop!!!” interrupted Veronica
    Veronica: “You came here of your own free will, you signed the contract by being
    sane, you volunteered your ID to Goddess Antonella, you’re no longer John but
    you became Joanne the minute you you have crossed the gates of the castle! “
    John is in shock … he suddenly realizes in what situation he has put himself,
    voluntarily …the trap closed on him…the trap’s been after him.
    Marianne: “Don’t be worry, you will see, it’s so nice to be here, and the others
    maids are so funny, we laugh a lot all together”
    Claudia: “it’s a good life … it’s even a dream life…
    Yes we are focused on serving our goddess, the rest of the time, we are
    frolicking with our girl friends”
    Veronica: “Yes you will see, after a few days, you will be happy and you will
    forget your old life which was bland and insipid…but let’s get us prepare you”
    And she calls Naomi and asks her to bring clothes, shoes and make up for
    Naomi arrives, she is an Asian ladyboy from Thailand, she is absolutely pretty,
    long black hair, small and slim, with a magnificent face with very fine
    her body is unbelievable, a dazzling make-up, a steamy look, and clothes very
    different from others sissy, thanks to her great body of ladyboy, she could
    afford tight-fitting outfits and she doesn’t hesitate to use and abuse of it.
    her sisters sissy wore classic sissy dress, and she wore only tight-fitting
    outfits highlighting her perfect curves …she wears a very figure-hugging mini
    dress in pink lycra, which harmonized perfectly with the curves of her body and
  • vertiginous stiletto pink.
    Since her arrival at the castle, apart from goddess Antonella, it was the first
    time Joanne saw a “real” woman, although he understood that she was a
    ladyboy … the effect in her cage was immediate, and her erection squeezed into
    his cage…reminding her of her new condition of life.
    The 4 girls laughed at the same time seeing Joanne fold in 2 under the effect of
    the cage ….
    They prepared Joanne while chatting, Naomi had brought a red sissy dress, with
    stockings and suspenders also red, with stiletto sandals of the same colour.
    Finally, Joanne enjoyed their company, their chatter … and she loved that her
    new friends pampered her by preparing and make-up, the wig they had chosen was
    red and it was really working for her complexion.
    Out of curiosity, Joanne touched on the subject of their personal story.
    Joanne: “how did you get here?let me know who you were before arriving in the
    Veronica:” in my previous life, i was Viorel, an civil Engineer from Bucharest,
    my life was full busy all time until i stop all in order to follow Goddess
    Antonella to the castle for 9 years now.”
    Claudia: “Me, i was Claudiu, a bullshit macho guy, divorced and i have fucked
    all women around me…until i try to fuck Goddess Antonella, it was a big game
    to try to get her and i was so near to win…but, i took it in the ass, it was a
    trap… which one i have ran in there impulsively without thinking and Goddess
    Antonella won as always…and when i have seen again Goddess Antonella, in the
    castle, after training of upbringing and manners, she was very sarcastic,
    ironic, mocking, scathing and humiliating about my old life in mode fucking’s
    macho … her comments made me fold in two so I had a huge violent erection
    squeezed into the cage”
    Marianne: “I was Marian, Professor of Mathematics at the University of
    Bucharest, I took pleasure in choosing a pretty girl from among my students and
    to spend the whole school year to humiliate her in front of all the other
    students during class … in general, they ended the year morally broken …
    when Goddess Antonella heard about me from one of these girls, she has decided
    to stop it …. when I met her, I thought it was chance … but she wove her web
    and bewitched me … and since I’m at the castle, I’m a better person thanks to
    her, it’s been a month since I was here, and Goddess Antonella told me that if I
    was a good girl, she would offer me pretty boobs like those of Veronica and
    Claudia, I want so much to be even more beautiful for her…”
    Naomi: “Me, i have met Goddess Antonella during her trip in Thailand, i will
    give you all details one day when we will have time to discuss more because now,
    i have to teach you how to walk with stiletto…”
    Then, Naomi has put a book on my head and made me walk with my stilettos without
    dropping the book … after a catastrophic departure, I have improved myself…
    For several days, they taught her how to dress, make up, how to walk, how to
    behave in the presence of goddess Antonella…
    Joanne makes real progress, and begins to appreciate her new life, she no longer
    has the worries and stress of her old job, and she is learning how to be without
    thinking and thoughtlessly.
    Her sissy friends tell her that she will soon be ready to be presented to
    Goddess Antonella, which puts her in joy …
    And they explain to her that she will have to go to the sissy school before
    being able to participate to evenings and parties organized by Goddess Antonella
    with her guests coming from outside
    The most incredible evolution of Joanne was her spirit, her mind … who over
    the days was focused more and more on her goddess under the effect of the
    chastity belt … especially that the girls taught him that all padlocks
    chastity belts opened with the same key … the only key. ..that Goddess
    Antonella wears on her neck collar, a small collar of links assembled into a
    chain in gold with “THE KEY” to orgasms” ….