The first night with the chastity belt was terrible, she woke up many times
under the effect of erections pressed into his cage.
And then during the day, she could not help but have an erection whenever she
saw Naomi or when other sissies touched upon her during an exercise.
The 3 or 4 first days with the chastity belt, were nothing more than frustration
and sexual excitement primary or even primitive…
But she discovered that she had a cerebral pleasure to be frustrated…an
incredible pleasure that she never felt before…more she has been sexual
frustrated, more she had a cerebral pleasure thinking to her Goddess Antonella.
And from the 5th day, she has begun to have erotic dreams during nights, always
her Goddess was in these erotic dreams in different scenarios, different
situations but always her goddess was present at her nights.
From then on, she felt that her chastity belt was part of her body, it was not
any-more an accessory added but well and truly, a part of his body such as his
eyes, his hands, etc…definitely a part of her body, this thought frightened
her and at the same time, gave him pleasure.
she realized also, that his mind was focused on her goddess, she has thought
about her day and night, this was the only person in the world that she was
essential and vital for her…it was her god, or rather, her goddess.
Joanna knew that her goddess was the only one who had the key to her chastity
belt, the only one able to give her pleasure or orgasms…And her reptilian
brain of (ex) male had associated orgasm = goddess…
Joanna felt herself that she became to be more and more sensitive, delicate,
submissive, gently sweet character with a more female brains, and definitely not
macho at all. And she felt also that all her world turned now only around her
wonderful Goddess Antonella
After 2 weeks, one evening, after service, Veronica, Claudia, Marianne and
Joanna discussed together about the chastity belt:
Veronica: How do you feel after 2 weeks in chastity belt?
Joanna: i feel better and better, not pain at all but i have erotic dreams every
Claudia: Erotic dreams where you see our Goddess Antonella?
Joanna: Yessssssssssssssss exactly! how do you know that?
Claudia (she laughs) : Because, all of us have erotic dreams every night
thinking to our Goddess Antenella
Marianne: Yes, with the chastity belt, we are totally focussed to our Goddess,
we venerate her more and more as time passes.
Veronica: it is the effect produced by the frustration of not being able to have
an orgasm…
Marianne: by this way, we are more attentive to her, and we have a total respect
to our Goddess and her women friends.
Veronica: Exactly we have more respect for women in general and total reverence
for our Goddess
Claudia: It’s the solution for Bucharest, in order to have more respect from men
to women, all men should wear a chastity belt and…
Marianne: Exactly it will be perfect for Bucharest, all men will be very
respectful of women…
Claudia: And you imagine, all women could be so sexy, so pretty, so elegant
without bad comment from guy
Veronica: Yessssssss no women whistled in the street any-more and no more bad
remarks to them!
Marianne: and men will be more gentlemanly and courteous
Claudia: Yes for sure, if i had been with chastity belt, i would have been
better with my girlfriends, wife, and all women who i meet…
Marianne: This is THE SOLUTION
And all of them concluded that it’s the single solution to improve mentality of
men in Bucharest….
One morning, Naomi and Marianne come to pick up Joanna because they are
requested to sing in the choir of the castle for a rehearsal, Joanna explains
that she don’t know singing, Naomi bursts out laughing, saying that it is not a
problem. Arrival in the concert hall, Naomi, Marianne and Joanna sit down on one
of the chairs and Veronica is coming to connect 2 small wires on their chastity
belt, Joanna wonder what are these small wires. They are now fifteen sissies,
sitting to wait for living goddess Antonella. When she arrives, all the sissy to
stand up and make a curtsy, and then sit down together again on the movement of
the head of their mistress. Joanna wondered how she was going to do to not sing
false, she worries a little, but the presence of Naomi at her side reassures her
a little anyway.
Joanna was mesmerized by the beauty and the elegance of his goddess…he could
not help thinking that he was lucky to be there…Goddess Antonella was wearing
a catsuit in red latex, extremely figure-hugging, which proved that she not
wearing any underwear underneath…knowing that her goddess was nude under her
catsuit latex, provoked erection of her clitoris squeezed into its cage…
Goddess Antonella turn on the computer lying on her desk, onto the stage facing
the choir of sissies, and then announces that this will be the symphony no. 5 of
Beethoven, while pressing the “start” button. Joanna was so amazed to hear these
sisters interpret the symphony number 5 of Beethoven pushing small or great
cries, each in turn,…when, suddenly, she felt a electric shock to her cock,
she uttered a cry of both surprise and pain corresponding to the note of the
symphony. Since then, she dreads the upcoming electric shocks without being able
to know the time or the intensity.
Goddess Antonella is radiant and takes great pleasure in this symphony followed
by the hymn to joy, a waltz of Chopin, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.
After 3 weeks in the Castle, Joanna was summoned by Goddess Antonella. When
Joanna walked into the office Goddess Antonella, she was amazed by the beauty,
the elegance, the charisma of her Goddess
GODDESS ANTONELLA: How are you my slut Joanna?
Joanna: I’m so happy to see you alone today, it’s a gift for me.
GODDESS ANTONELLA: Excellent, i hope so, you have improved yourself a lot during
these 3 weeks but you need to continue your efforts in order to serve me better
and better as time passes. Do you have any regret by your decision?
Joanna: Oooooohhhhhhhhh no, My Goddess!! i’m so happy to be here, my old
bullshit life doesn’t miss me!
GODDESS ANTONELLA: It’s a good thing, you will become to be a good sissy.
Joanna: I wish just to stay the rest of my life at your feet…your are My