What Is Candaulism ?
Candaulism is a deriving sexual pleasure from watching somebody's wife having sex or engaging in any sexual activity with another person.
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What Is A Painslut ?
A painslut is a slave who craves pain. Basically, a painslut wants to engage in many sorts of BDSM activities that involve pain, in all o...
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What Is A Kinkster ?
What’s a kinkster? Well, a kinkster is a person who engages in different forms of sexual activities that can be considered outside of ...
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Episode 1: The Encounter
     John met Antonella in a bar on a Thursday night, he had spent the evening with his colleagues, and, after their departure, before le...
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Mistress Boulevard
Location: Mistress’ Boulevard, the main promenade and display place of Mistresses with their “pets”, represented by submissive men and wo...
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