What Does Vixen Mean ?
A vixen is basically a woman whose partner, usually a man, called Stag, enjoys watching that woman gaining sexual gratification with anot...
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What Is Throuple ?
A throuple represents a poly dynamic that consists of three people who share equal partnership and is often called triad.
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What Is Abduction Play ?
Abduction Play is basically a scene or, if you like, a scenario, in which the slave is being restrained and taken to another location.
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What Is RACK In BDSM ?
RACK, in BDSM, stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink which are basically BDSM community guidelines on ways to make sure everyone is perfe...
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What Is A Painslut ?
A painslut is a slave who craves pain. Basically, a painslut wants to engage in many sorts of BDSM activities that involve pain, in all o...
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What Is A Gimp ?
A gimp is basically a BDSM suit, made of pvc, leather or plastic, that has a face covering, sometimes the genital being exposed directly....
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What Is Anal Training ?
Anal training is basically the process of progressively inserting larger and larger objects, like butt plugs or dildos or anything else s...
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