Mistress Antonella Live Bdsm Session

I believe in female dominance. BDSM is my lifestyle. I love to see inferior males squirming at my feet, begging for acknowledgment, praying for recognition. You will be seduced by my large, firm breasts and my long legs. I will make you weak, and you find pleasure and happiness in your weakness, in your devotion to me, your total superior. I will make you accept your place, at my feet, kissing the ground I walk on, licking my filthy shoes. You will love it, and you will thank me for it.

You will serve me, provide for my wants, cater for my whims. You will serve me totally and utterly, or you will be discarded like a dirty rag. I will beat you and humiliate you and make you thank your lucky stars that you ever met me. You are a wimp, a loser, a submissive, an insect. Bow down, pray to me, beg to me and tell me that I own you. I will make you fall in love with my body, my attitude and my whip. You will always be nothing to me, and I will be your everything. That is how it is, that is how it was always meant to be. I am unrelenting, merciless.

I have the mind, the body and the equipment to enslave you. Start gentle, if you wish, but the path is always the same – to servitude and total submission. I will care for you, listen to you, understand you, And then I will slowly break you. You will find solace and calm as I take you on your journey of submission to my utter beauty.

There is no middle way: you submit totally or you do not exist for me. I am a supreme woman, and I know it. You will beg to serve me, beg to kneel before me, beg to be one of my devoted slaves. I will laugh in your face. You will submit to my fetishes, my desires. I may also allow some of yours. Check My Willingness.

This is your chance to find fulfilment.

You know, and I know, that you will find peace and contentment keeling in front of me. And I will find peace contentment, looking down at you and breaking into your soul.

Things to know before our session :

I expect you to be as punctual as possible. Treat me with the respect and manners i deserve.

I also like and demand good hygiene.

It should go without saying, but I DO NOT offer sexual services in any capacity.

Also i do not accept any kind of animal fantasy or brutality, the only things that will be crushed are your balls.

The details of the session will be discussed either on the phone, either via contact form. I travel in Europe only in the big capitals and I only accept a booking after we have an ONLINE SESSION first.
You must qualify according to my strict selection process. If you are not eligible, you have to look elsewhere.
I have to see that you are fit for beeing my slave and that you have knowledge of the BDSM and DOMINATION area.
A godess’s time is very precious so don’t waste it!

Book an online session HERE.

The ways you can give me the TRIBUTE will be discussed also by mail or phone call.
The value of the TRIBUTE is determined by a couple of factors, such as location, type of sessions, duration. This will also be
discussed by mail or phone call.

After having made an appointment, if you have to cancel it, you will have to cancel it A FEW DAYS IN ADVANCE or you will be BLACKLISTED!

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