Real life experience regarding BDSM and all the live sessions had me believe, as a mistress, that Financial Blackmail is one of the most common and easy to do during a live session.

What does a Financial Blackmail mean? Well, it is a live BDSM session during which the slave commits to his mistress that he will send a monthly sum, or even weekly, that would guarantee him the mistress won’t publish a video or photo of him during BDSM humiliation sessions.

Before that, of course, he will sign a contract that would cover all the legal aspects of this blackmail. He would be recorded with that very contract in his hand and he will be threatened that in case of not paying the monthly or weekly fee, his wife or his family will receive the videos.

Keep in mind that the slave know all these aspects before getting to record such a show. He knows all the details and risks and he signs a contract. Everything happens after his consent, verbal and especially written.

This is a testimonial from one of my Financial Blackmail slaves:

“Hi Mistress,

I am one of your biggest fans and also a slave of yours. I visited you a few years ago when I had some things to do in Bucharest. I was wondering if you engage into financial blackmail fantasies, which I am really interested into.

Basically, I would like to come to you and be recorded on video without wearing any mask, while being humiliated, especially as a human toilet, and sign a contract in which I commit to paying a monthly fee to you, that we will set both, and if I don’t pay, I give you permission, both on video and in written contract that you can send the incriminating video of me being humiliated in a live human toilet slave session to my wife.

I was thinking of a first period of 6 months, with the posibility of extension.

Waiting for you answer,

Your humble slave”

As you can see, it is the slave’s decision to participate in a blackmail session and he is aware of the risks this involves.

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