John met Antonella in a bar on a Thursday night, he had spent the evening with his colleagues, and, after their departure, before leaving, he looked around him and he saw this incredibly beautiful woman, a thin and beautifully made-up face, long black hair that slid on her attractive neck, dressed with a black sheath dress, split on the right side, leaving guessing stockings and a suspender, stiletto shoes with a black leather lace that rose along her calf, … he approached by offering her a drink … he was intimidated by the discussion with this beautiful and intelligent woman … she agreed to see him again and started a relationship in love with each other, without making love, not even a French kiss … but no matter, he was filled by this wonderful woman.

After several weeks, Antonella told him that she was going home in two weeks, John could not do without her and wanted to live with her … he told her that.
Antonella explained that it was impossible because she lived in a castle very isolated in the Carpathians and that he could not work in his business, he will lost his job, and that in addition, the maintenance of the castle was very difficult and that it would take absolutely all his time.
But that did not stop John, who really wanted to live with this sublime woman.

But that did not stop John, who really wanted to live with this sublime woman.

Then to discourage him (or to test his motivation), she was even more precise in saying that there were very strict rules at the castle, her kingdom, respect of a dress-code, the aristocratic etiquette to respect. She was explain that she is the owner and “The Duchess” of the castle, and that all the inhabitants of the castle are her subjects, including him if he came to live there …

But he insisted again that he wanted to live with her at the castle because he could not live without it.
So, she explained to him that if he came with her, he would not see his family any-more and would stay all his life at the castle without going out again.
He told her that if it was the price of living with her, he would accept all of that …In front of so many convictions, she tells him that it was his choice, but that it would be the last choice he would make, no more return back once in the castle

He answered that his choice was made and that he wanted to live with her…

During the remaining two weeks, John settled his belongings, job, apartment, etc … and announced to his family his departure faraway.

Antonella told him to take no luggage because he would have everything on site at the castle, he was surprised by this announcement but too happy to go live with her, he was not formalized with this detail and left without luggage.

Before leaving, she made him sign a contract stipulating that he became a subject of the Duchess, and, as a result, renounced his freedom of thought and movement. So impatient to finish with all these warnings, advice and others, he signed the contract without hesitation and gave him his passport because she explained that she kept all the ID of her subjects… And so, they went to the castle…
The long ride was wonderful for John, very in love with Antonella, She was so mysterious and bewitching, they talked with passion, he held his hand, stroked hers thigh, the ride was a delight.