Ballbusting can be explained as the torture of the slave in which he gets a lot of pain by being hit to his genitals, the scrotum or the penis. It actually is related, in fact, to the balls being those who are kicked, slapped, or any other similar actions.

The Ballbusting term is being associated with a woman, in this case the mistress, torturing a man, the slave, for his own pleasure.

The ballbusting term itself comes from the word BALL, an informal way of referring to a man’s testicles, and BUSTING that is a synonym for rupturing or breaking. Ballbusting actually is a subgenre of CBT (cock-and-ball torture) that describes a slave being stomp on, kicked, slapped or squeezed on the balls by a BDSM dominatrix.

Ballbusting is a risky practice and needs to be done by an experienced mistress like myself. The hits need to be precise and the intensity needs to be adjusted accordingly to each slave’s resistance. It is a serious activity in BDSM and it has to be done in the proper way.

Many of my slaves who engaged into ballbusting sessions wrote to me to thank me for the whip marks I left on their bodies or for the heels marks on their balls.

If you want to experience an intense ballbusting session, contact me!