I am available for travel bookings in Europe. The most often places i go and also my favorite are : LONDON, GENEVA, ZURICH, PARIS, BERLIN, VIENNA, SALZBURG, ROME, MILANO. Tell me your city and i will confirm the
possibility of a booking based on my calendar. I need a couple of days notice for a booking.

The basic information and set of rules you have to follow before thinking of booking a BDSM session with me can be found HERE.

When booking, a 15% deposit will need to be paid in advance. In case of cancellation from the client’s side, this deposit is NOT refundable regardless the reason!

The value of the TRIBUTE is determined by a couple of factors, such as location, type of session, duration. This will be discussed by mail or phone call.
The TRIBUTE does NOT include the 2 ways plane ticket and the hotel room. (I must have separated room). This will also be honored by the client.

The BDSM equipment and toys will be brought by me, so you don’t have to worry, just tell me what you like.
I only accept sessions to take place in central hotels.

For further information, contact me.

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