The term medical play involves a wide range of kink and role-play activities.

So, to start with, you need to establish what attracts you to the idea of medical play: do you like to feel a needle on your skin? do you want to get an enema? do you want to have a speculum inserted in your ass? Any of those can be done but it has to be done in a safe way.

Is it the power differential between a doctor and a patient? Is it something to do with the equipment involved? The idea of being in charge or being helpless? Knowing what turns you on can help you define what kind of scene you’d like to try.

The easiest way to start is with the classic “doctor game”. This can be pure role-play or you can incorporate a few props – some of which you have around the house. Using a stethoscope, latex gloves, a tongue depressor, a thermometer or a few bandages can add to the realism of the overall medical check fantasy. Even a blood pressure cuff can actually help set the mood for a more realistic medical check.

Don’t underestimate the power of the CLIPBOARD in BDSM Medical Play

A clipboard can give instant authority to anyone holding it. Just by holding a clipboard, the mistress displays authority, power over the patient. It has a much greater power than you can think.

It doesn’t really matter if you fantasize about your mistress being a nurse or a doctor, you still can get into this roleplay game.

Not only that, but it can also be a role-playing sheet! Simply print out a list of questions that you feel the need to ask – and take notes as you get answers from your mistress. Pay attention to her answers as you can get punished for not behaving. Or… perhaps you want to be punished, right? We can do that!

With any tool or prop you intend to use, such as medical instruments, think about how you can make the most of using it in your fantasy. Your mistress can really take into this fantasy.

Your mistress can play the role of a nurse or a doctor and she can put medical gloves on, she can then start checking you for your health condition. If she allows you to talk, you can pretend to suffer from something like the need to masturbate all the time. Anything can be fixed with knowledge and proper medical instruments.

A massage table can be easily converted to a medical table for consulting you. If you are into role playing yourself, you can dress up as a nurse too and you can pretend you also need medical care. There are no limits, use your imagination or ask your mistress to diversify the scenes. I have a lot of BDSM Medical play experience so, why not contact me and I’ll get you checked?

Needle play as a medical instrument fantasy

Medical instruments play a big part in the medical fantasies. You can opt in to enema, speculum or needle play. This is important: you need to know your limits, how much you can endure and also, tell your mistress if you really suffer from something in your real life so that you are safe while getting into this BDSM practice.

The mistress’ experience in medical play is highly important as even an enema play must be done with caution and by really knowing what she’s doing to you as a slave. Excuse me, patient!

Fear of the syringe: powerful instrument

During childhood the visits to the doctor often involved syringes and needles. Many of us still have fear of needles and, of course, syringes. It is something that can really turn you on and a good, experienced mistress like me can use a syringe in a safe but somewhat painful way to you.

If you want to experience a complete BDSM medical play fantasy, contact me!