Trying new things is a good idea but it depends on the way you do it. Sex toys may be expensive and you need to know how it feels like before investing your money into new sex toys. So, before buying some genital clamps you should look around your household and find similar items like clothespins. These are a good starting point as they are cheap and can be found around any home.

Now, as I always say, safety comes first, so be aware of the fact that clothespins may be flimsy and the springs may be loose and the clamps may twist.

I don’t recommend you wooden clothespins as they are made from a porous material that can’t be properly sanitized. So, go for metal or silicone coat clothespins.

Check the pressure of the respective clothespins on your hand. Never on your penis. You can attach them on the skin of the scrotum. Don’t leave them for too long at first, just try and see how it feels and for how long you can endure them.

After a while, you can use the clothespins as nipple clamps. The tips I provided you above are just for your introduction into BDSM, so that you can have a preview but for a full incredible BDSM experience with nipple clamps or genital clamps you need my experience as a mistress.

Mistress Antonella Bdsm Nipple Clamps Genital Clamps Clothespins Nipple Torture

As you can see, you need to know a lot of things before going into that kink or bizarre practice, depending on each individual, so this is why you need a mistress. If you’re interested in BDSM, contact me and you’ll experience things you never knew existed.