The sooner we start the training, the better will be the results.

To sissify a man, the first thing to do is to change his physical appearance.
Start by saying him that you would like him to shave his legs and penis. Argue that youíve come to be not very comfortable with hairs. To make your point explain him that you too are doing some sacrifices for him.
Wait a few weeks until it is a normal thing for him. Insist on the fact that he has beautiful legs, that you love him and that it doesnít make him any less sexier.

Say him that it would be fun that he try one of your panties, just for fun. Then say him that it turns you on and make him love like never. Make him keep them during sex. He will associate him wearing panties to the pleasure you gave him. Try this again one time every 3 or 4 days. Every time he want to have sex insist on the fact that you would like him to wear them because it please you and that you would do the same kind of thing for him.

Because ìit turns you on so muchî ask him to wear them every day.

Make him paint your nails as ìa gameî.
Say him that he is very good at it and that it would be fun to try on him! If he resists tell him that it is just a game and that it doesnít mean anything. When itís done make him love. Please him. Then ask him if he would keep them a while for you. Like for the rest, make it more and more frequent until he even start to make him by himself. When youíre there insist on the fact that he keeps his toes painted everyday.

While youíre making love, or giving him pleasure, lick one of yours finger in a kinky way and gently insert it in his anus. Get him used to it. A few weeks later make him surprise you while youíre playing with a dildo. Be shy but keep going in front of him. Make him do it to you, then put his head between your legs.
Ask him if he would do anything for you then say him that you would like to try your dildo on him. Argue that you have read that a lot of men love it.
During the whole thing encourage him by saying how you are grateful, how he is brave to try it for you and how much you love him. If it is painful, stop and try again a few days later. He will get used to it and even start to have some pleasure doing it.

Now that your boyfriend has shaved legs, painted nails, wear panties and is used to be penetrated, it is time to put him into chastity.
Tell him about chastity and how some of your friends have tried it and how it had made their couple stronger and happier. Argue that reducing the number of orgasm, make sex better. Ask him if he would like to try with you. After a week without sex of any kind make him love, please him in every way he likes.
After an other week of abstinence, say him that you think that he is not respecting your agreement. Tell him that you would like to try something that some of your friends have tried on their boyfriends. Tell him about chastity belts and ask him if he would be ready to try the thing for you. Insist on the fact that a lot of your friends boyfriends are wearing it and that it is just a proof of love. When convinced, buy one. CB 6000/s is a good choice. Keep all the keys.
Make him wear it during a few days then release it and make him love then lock it again. Doing it a few times will make him think that he is still in control, which is a good thing.
Progressively, make the space between releases longer and make him give you pleasure by masturbating you. Then after a few cycles, do your make up while he is in the room and try ìas a gameî on him. Say him that he looks beautiful and ask him if he would try some of your clothes for you and give him the wig that ìyouíve bought for next Halloweenî. Convince him and take some pictures because ìhe makes you so hornyî. Then make him love and remove all his make-up. Donít talk about it for two weeks.

After two weeks of chastity say him that you have decided that his cock isnít enough anymore. Tell him that his thong and your dildo, which, by the way, is bigger than his cock, satisfy you better. Talk with him as a teacher to a student. Make him admit that things are better this way and that he should thanks you for making this possible. Say him that you took the decision of keeping him in chastity. He will protest but be confident. If he want to be happy he need to accept the situation. You are now in charge. He is no longer a man.
In fact, say him that now that he has shaved legs, pretty painted nails, panties and his cock locked, he is closer to a woman than to a man. Discuss with him the fact that he is a lot better since you started his feminization and that you are decided to help him become more feminine. Insist on the fact that it doesnít change anything for you and that you will always love him. You just think things are better this way for both of you. He now need a girl name. Encourage him to choose it. It will reenforce the fact that he accept his new life.
If he protest too much, show him the pictures you take of him. Ask him what does he see. It should put an end to the discussion.
You shouldnít say that you are going to show the pictures to his/your friends. The change has to come from himself.

The real training starts. You have control over his orgasms, now you have to extend it to everything. Once again, like a teacher to a student, make him admit that you make better choices and that having you in control of the relationship is for the best. You should decide everything for him and he should always obeys. Everything you do is for his own good. Beside if he loves you, he should only think about your happiness.
Remind him that he wonít be ever a real woman but that he could become a fine sissy.
Make him wear woman clothes, make up, a wig and high-heeled shoes at all time while at home.
Explain him that being a sissy is not only about being feminized and chastised. He need to understand that as a sissy his only goal is your pleasure which mean serving you at all times and by every possible ways.
Be firm and confident. When you ask, even if it is said in a kind manner, it is an order.
Because he is no longer a man he needs to train his pussy every day. Make sure that he practices at least 30 minutes a day with a dildo and wear a plug when his pussy is not in use. The only sexual pleasure he will get will come from there.
After a week of training, take his boy-pussy every day. Tell him that as a good girl he needs to get used to it.
Make him sucks dildos every day because a real girl needs to know how to pleasure.
When you decide your sissy has earned an orgasm, bound her arms, remove her cage and make her ejaculate directly in her mouth. It will be the only way she will be allowed to cum. Then lock it again.
After a few other weeks of training, if it suits you, you can offer a friend or two to fuck your former boyfriend. Your sissy will fully integrate her new role by being used as a whore. Help her while she is performing. Make her spread her chicks. Push/Cuddle her head while she is giving her first blowjob. Make her show her mouth full of cum. She need to wait until your friend say she can swallow. Make her thanks your friend. During the whole act, speak to your sissy. Tell her how proud you are of her. Donít hesitate to speak to your friend about how you would never have imagined that your boyfriend would become such a fine slut while she is getting fucked or giving a blowjob. You can make fun of your former boyfriend : ìAfter all he never was a real man. Have you seen his little clitty ?î, ìAre you enjoying stretching her ass ?î, ìIs the blowjob fine ?î

When your sissy disobeys or protests be strict but always explain why you have to punish her. It is for her own good. To make her better and happier in her new life.
Some ways of punishing your bad sissy :
– mouth soap-washing
– a bigger butt-plug
– a barefoot spanking, panties down then 30 min in the corner hands on her head
– a barefoot spanking, panties down then an enema with cold water
– all the pegging during x days will be without lubricant
– a barefoot spanking, panties down then an enema with cold water and bondage for x hour
– x days more before release
– only after at least one month of training –
– if you have a friend whom you have said the truth about your former boyfriend/sissy invite her so she punish your sissy for you. it will be even more humiliating
– if you have a friend whom you have said the truth about your former boyfriend/sissy, lend your sissy to her for a day or two
– if you have some friends whom you have said the truth about your former boyfriend/sissy, invite your friends to see how you punish your sissy. Spank/cane her in front of them. Make your sissy explain to your friends how is her life.
When your sissy behave good, always compliment her. It will reinforce her implication in the process. You can pet her head/cudle her and use such expression as :
– Good girl !
– Iím proud of you
– Very nice !
– Good job !
– Youíre the best !
– You’re so cute !

If you are very satisfied by your sissy you can buy her small gifts as lingerie, wigs, make up.
Everyday, make her say that she is a sissy and that she love it.
Never forget to say your sissy how beautiful she is, how proud you are of her and how much you love her !
What happens next is up to you ! 🙂
After a few weeks of training, your boyfriend will learn to love being a sissy. At least he will accept it.


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