• Episode 5:
    Description of the different soubrettes’s tasks
    Life was going on at the castle and Joanna had learned the different sissy’s
    tasks, the schedule was very precise and sissy’s tasks changed every day, which
    avoided boredom and routine. In this service rotation, each sissy had a
    different role each day.
    the chores and houseworks could seem boring but Joanna, like the other sissys,
    took pleasure …
    Joanna’s Day 1 was the “washing-ironing” day for example, where Joanna took
    pleasure in seeing the sissy panties and dresses of each sissy.
    In fact, each sissy having a colour attributed to the arrival at the castle and
    they have several dresses, stockings, panties, corsets of the same colour to be
    able to change while remaining the same sissy in the eyes of others and Goddess
    But in the day “washing – ironing”, the favourite time of the sissys, was the
    washing of the outfits of Goddess Antonella and her underwear … the sissys
    then spent time sniffing the pants and underwear of their Goddess, sometimes
    even, they made a “prewash” with a big lick in order to have the taste of the
    secretions in the mouth …
    Joanna’s Day 2 was the cleansing day of the castle, except the room of the
    goddess Antonella who was the subject of an exclusive household.
    The household must be irreproachable if not, the goddess Antonella decides a
    punishment that she performs before all the sissies together. This punishment is
    either sweet, like 10 blows with lashes or less soft, like 100 blows with whips,
    the sissy being tied to the St. Andrew cross for her punishment. The choice of
    the instrument and the number of blows are decided by the goddess Antonella.
    Joanna’s Day 3 was the cleaning of Goddess Antonella’s bedroom
    It was always a special day because she had the joy of being able to see her
    goddess much more than the other days, it was like a party for her, she could
    admire her goddess, see her getting ready, getting dressed, getting pretty …
    Every time, her clitoris has been in boiling, in chaos …
    But be careful, the household should be well done because in case of bad work,
    the punishment is more severe than for the rest of the household of the castle.
    The punishment is in the style “Vlad Tepes”, to be impaled on a large wooden
    dildo, conical, placed on a pommel horse. The sissy, half impaled, standing an
    arm strength to the horizontal bar, legs not touching the ground, suspended
    above the conical dildo … and with fatigue, when the strength was lacking, the
    hands were letting go, it finally impaled up to the hilt on the conical dildo
    and so remained 15 long minutes, without the possibility to hold with the hands,
    because they remain chained to the top of the head, at the horizontal bar by a
    chain of 50cm approximately .
    Then, she would take a few days to sit down normally and pay more attention to
    do better household in the future.
    Joanna’s day 4 was the maintenance of the green spaces, it pleased Joanna
    because she felt the breeze under the dress that caressed her ass and her
    clitoris. Like all good bitch, she liked this feeling …
    Joanna’s day 5 was devoted to the milking of the other sissy, each one came to
    tower of role, for the milking for the week to empty the balls by massage of the
    The milking consists to the prostate massage, the target of this prostatic
    stimulation is to forced semen to go out, without generating desire or
    excitation, just to empty the balls. It’s mechanic, no erection, just empty the
    But by this way, the sissy could stay full time in chastity belt and in a
    position of submission absolute and permanent.
    Joanna’s day 6 was devoted to be a human’s toilet for Goddess Antonella. Indeed,
    Goddess Antonella has no classic toilet in her private apartment, she has a
  • rimming chair and every day, a sissy has the function of human toilet. It was
    the best day for every sissy because they have an intimacy with their Goddess
    for 24 hours. During this 24h, sissy eats all the caviar and drinks all
    champagne from their Goddess and the sissy have to clean anus and pussy with her
    tongue. And, sometimes, After an orgasm with sex toy, Goddess orders to clean
    the pussy with her tongue…But the nirvana is when Goddess Antonella orders to
    a sissy to give her an orgasm with her tongue, it was extremely rare but when a
    sissy received this extraordinary gift, she was on another planet…
    It was the favourite day for all sissys in the castle.
    Joanna’s day 7 the day of cooking, fun day because they were 3 sissy together.
    And that often, they amused themselves and laughed during this task. Sometimes,
    the sissy played with each other with fruits and vegetables like carrots,
    cucumbers, bananas … with an outcome as you can imagine …
    Joanna’s day 8 was a day with 2 options. Either Goddess Antonella organised a
    party, the task was to be a servant, with 4 others sissy servants, during the
    party. Servants have to give Champagne and different appetizer on a platter, to
    serve during the dinner, etc…and of course, guests of Goddess don’t hesitate
    to grab at sissy’s bottom, or to caress their ass, or a slap, or whatever they
    Either, if no party on this day, the 5 sissy have to go at the sissy’s school in
    order to learn courses (we will develop that in episode 6)
    Joanna’s day 9 was a day with 2 options. Either Goddess Antonella organised a
    party, the task was to be a slut, with 4 others sissy sluts, during the party.
    These 5 Prostitutes have to do whatever Guests want, they are their dolls, their
    toys, their bitch.
    Sissy are getting worked over by guests men or women, or being felt up by
    guests. And during the dinner, the guests laugh a lot chatting with sluts.
    Some of them are under the table in order to suck pussy or cock of guests during
    the dinner. At the dessert, some of them are fucked on the table by men or women
    with strap-on, or are sodomized against the wall. And all the time, the party
    finished by a big orgy and gang-bang
    If no party on this day, the 5 sissy have to go at the sissy’s school in order
    to learn courses (we will develop that in episode 6)
    Joanna’s day 10 was back to day 1, etc…restarting of the schedule
    So goes the life at the option of the tasks of the planning…