For Years, Mistress Antonella analyzed and studied the behavior of the males with a chastity belt and she is convinced of the benefits it brings to men and…women.
So, step by step, she convicts a lot of slave to wear a chastity belt. At the beginning, it was only some single men having a job where it’s possible to have it without so much inconvenience. The result on this representative sample of her own livestock, was beyond her greatest expectations, above her dreams. In fact, they have begun to be more attentive to her, then totally focus on her, more respectful and less macho with all women.
Her livestock gave her satisfaction but she was so fed up by men in Bucharest, rudeness in the street, aggressivity in the car, misogyny in the work, lack of gallantry in the life in general, etc… Therefore, she would wish that all men in Bucharest should be with chastity belt, she thinks how it’s possible to move women and men in this direction…
Then, she decides to take a step forward and to write a long article on her blog to explain all advantages for men and for women if all men wear a chastity belt. In her blog, she has written a tab special for women and another tab special for men.
In the tab for men, she explained that it’s a sexual game with a lot of fun for each sexual partner and explained that will be a revelation and a great discovery. Finally, she proposed to test it for few days.
In the tab for women, she explained the importance to control your husband or boyfriend because the brains of men are below the waist, she detailed the psychological evolution of your spouse and all the benefits brought about by this evolution
One of Mistress Antonella’s slaves dared to talk to his wife, who, open-minded, was not shocked, and replied, “Why not … but, in first, I want to meet Mrs. Antonella to discuss it with her”…
The wife of the slave, Mihaela, phoned Mrs. Antonella and, after a long discussion, Mistress Antonella invited her to her dungeon to drink a tea and discuss further, contact between the two women was excels
Mistress Antonella detailed all the advantages of having her husband with a chastity belt. She explained to her that he would be more attentive, more in love, that he would always seek to serve her in the daily life and for the household tasks, that he would not be any more irascible, that he was going to take pleasure to massage her feet in the evening when she came home from work … and a thousand other things, each one smoother than the other, in the ear of this woman …
They agree that the first 3 months, Mistress Antonella will keep the key of the chastity belt with a daily report of the slave and a weekly meeting with Mihaela to analyze the improving of the situation of the relationship between the wife and her husband. And if the result is like expected, to give a copy of the key to Mihaela.
The daily report from the slave was exactly the same type than the rest of her livestock, but the most important were all weekly meeting with Mihaela, the progress in the relationship was amazing, and exactly like Mistress Antonella told her during their first meeting. Then, Mistress Antonella learned to Mihaela how to make a milking, in order to empty balls without orgasm in order to keep her husband in chastity belt and to keep him under a sexual excitation, so under HER control…
After three months, Mistress Antonella gave a copy of key to Mihaela, as it was decided, but they had a so nice feeling together, they decided to keep in touch, and Mihaela explained that she will discuss and explain the benefits of chastity belt, to some friends of her, who have an open mind.
And indeed, several Mihaela’s friends phoned and came to see Mistress Antonella, who was so glad to train them.
Then, Mihaela’s friends told to their respective friends, and, based on quantity of candidates, Mistress Antonella decided to stop her work and to create a women’s school especially to train and teach to Bucharest’s women how to manage men for having chastity belt.