Ever wondered what the best chastity device is? If you’re a professional Dominatrix like myself, then you must know that there are many types and brands of chastity devices. But you need to learn which one is the best and how to choose it.

First of all, when playing with multiple partners you need a device that is easy to sterilize and to fit different sizes of cocks or balls. Each man is different, right? So, after trying many of these chastity devices I started to see the difference between them. One of them is the material they are made of. Some are made of silicone and some of stainless steel. Can you guess what my favorite are? The chastity devices made from stainless steel, of course.

Both silicone and stainless steel chastity devices are the safest materials out there as they most likely don’t cause allergic reactions and they can be safely sterilized without any damage to them.

In time, after many uses, the silicone cock cages tend to change color and, of course, they become less safe than the metal chastity cages.

Metal chastity cages, like BON4Mplus, have been cleverly created to fit any cock size. So, the package contains a short dick cage for guys with small dicks and a longer metal cock cage that fits longer dicks. The package also includes a set of 6 hinged cock and balls ring sizes that will fit any balls size. So, it is up to you to find the best match so that your slave’s cock and balls will fit into this awesome chastity device.

My slave’s physicall status is important so I usually sterilize these cock chastity devices by using medical grade cleaning agents and by boiling them into hot water. These are the two methods I clean these devices.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the longer you keep these chastity devices on your slave’s cock and balls, the more the skin will rub on the device and some pain can be caused. So, don’t over do it!