The success of the Mistress Antonella’s school was so unbelievable, that in a very short time, she needed to open a second classroom, and for that, she asked Mihaela to help her.

Mihaela was so happy to become a teacher in Mistress Antonella’s school. Her enthusiasm was evident and heightened attendance at the school even more…

The training was divided in three parts:

The first one is to describe the benefits of the chastity belt, the way of the progress, the different type of chastity belt, the frequency of: ejaculation, orgasm, and the emptying of balls.
The second one is practical class where they learn how to make a milking, how to put in the cage when the dick is in erection, how to clean it, etc…
The third one is the technical follow-up during one year with possible extension for necessary time.

From the beginning of the the first part of training, all women were very interested and none never give up. Indeed, at the beginning, Mistress Antonella and Mihaela explained how the male behaviour change a lot. After 2/3 days in chastity belt, the male begins to become more attentive to the partner and also more in love. After 5/6 days, he becomes to not be any more irascible, more sweeter, less macho and you can begin to ask him to help you for the chores. After 8/9 days, he becomes to be totally focus on you and you can begin to tell him to do more and more household tasks. After 14/15 days, he wants always seek to serve you in the daily life and for the household tasks, he will cook and and prepare dinner, he will take pleasure giving to you a massage of your feet in the evening when you came home from work, he will run a hot bubble bath, he will be enjoyed to wash you, to wipe you, to give you a massage of your back…he begin to be a perfect man.
Mistress Antonella explains advantages and disadvantages of each model of Chastity belt: in stainless steel, in plastic, in silicone, what kind of padlock used, metallic with key or in plastic with numbering in order to can pass over the magnetic walk-through in airport for example.
After she explains the the functioning of men in general and especially after an orgasm, who are suddenly less under control, less docile, less disciplined, less obedient, less submissive, less compliant. So, it’s important to grant less orgasm to them, the target is to find the good balance to keep them under control between pleasure and sexual excitation in order to control them perfectly. For this reason, she explains, in theory (before practical class), how they can empty ball by “milking” without orgasm and how ruin an orgasm.
Of course, no so much orgasm for men doesn’t mean no orgasm for women, the way of “chastity belt” is not for frustrating women, but only men. So, it’s crucial to teach their male how perform a good cunnilingus and rimming, how to play with sextoys in order to give pleasure and orgasm to his wife / girlfriend.
she explains that one of the positive “collateral damages” is the fact that women have more libido when they have her husband with chastity belt, so it’s essential to teach her husband how give to them a good orgasm. And when women need an authentic dick, if they don’t allow her husband to do that, they have to choose a stallion (etalon) and does sex in front of her husband because the cuckolding is normal and natural.

The second part of training is the practical class where they learn how to manage the chastity belt.
Mistress Antonella explained that, at the beginning, they have to present the chastity belt like a sexual game by the woman in order to be accepted by her husband/boyfriend. By this way, the male will accept without thinking of the future because the mind of male is below the waist, in their pants.
For the practical class, Mistress Antonella convenes some of her slaves and Mihaela convenes her husband, and they make milking in direct live to teach their students how to do that. After that, each of them tries to make a milking on a slave of Mistress Antonella. In fact, all of them learns very fast how to do this prostatic massage in order to empty balls without orgasm for the male.
Then, Mistress Antonella and Mihaela teach them how to ruin a male’s orgasm, for knowing perfectly when to stop to touch in order to have ejaculation without orgasm.
The two teachers shows also how to put back in the cage a dick in erection with cold water or ice, how to clean the chastity belt, and a lot of others stuff like that…

The third part is a kind of guarantee period during which Mistress Antonella and Mihaela assist and help all trained women.

Step by step, the multiplication of discussion between ex-students to their own women’s friend, increase the practise of Chastity belt in Bucharest. Mihaela follows this progress of male population with chastity belt, on a graphics board. Quickly, the percentage of male population increase from 5% to 70% in Bucharest

In the street, it was easy to recognize male in chastity belt, not physically because it was impossible to see it under clothes but the mentality of these men was different, so gentlemanly, so courteous, so thoughtful, so considerate…definitely different than the other men.

The target of Mistress Antonella to catch the 100% is in progress…