• Episode 6:
    The life at the castle was simple and pleasant, Joanna wasn’t questioning and
    lived like other sissys. She was not any-more an independent thinker and it was
    so much easier to live without stress and without thinking, only to have the
    mind focused on her Goddess..
    She lived with pleasure and love the days of tasks like “cleaning the room of
    his goddess”, “human toilets”, “Washing-ironing” …
    The days where there was no party at the castle, Goddess Antonella gives courses
    to sissys, in the school that she created in the castle.
    In fact, to amuse her guests, Goddess Antonella has created a school where she
    learns to all the sissys, new table of multiplication and addition, a new
    version of the History where all the greats men are replaced by Women, Alexander
    the conqueror becomes Alexandra the all-conquering Napoleon is replaced by
    Josephine, the emperor Trajan becomes Pompeia Plotina, JFK becomes Jackie
    Kennedy, etc… only Cleopatra still of Cleopatra….
    For example, the additions become:
    The new multiplication tables become:
    During the course, all the sissys have their chastity belt metal connected by 2
    wires into an electric box connected to a buzzer, which is on the table of the
    Teacher Goddess Antonella. And for each mistake, she press the buzzer that sends
    a large electric shock to the clitoris of the one who said a bad answer.
    After a good conditioned reflex, like the dog of Pavlov, all the Sissys answer
    without a moment’s hesitation and say with confidence that 2X4 = 13
    Once a sissy is thoroughly familiar with the new mathematical and History,
    Goddess Antonella accepts that she becomes a slut during her evenings, because
    she knows that its guests are very much laughing at the stupidity of sissys,
    that this is going to be much fun. In fact, with the conditioned reflex, they
    answer with confidence and Guests are laughing at their bird’s brains of sissy.
    Joanna having followed the lessons assiduously and passed her exam. She was
    invited by her Goddess to her first party as a slut.
    Her Goddess gave her the requirements for the parties, namely, not to put on
    panties to have ass to be always accessible, do an enema, lubricate the ass,
    wear a dog-collar of a bitch to identify the sluts compared to the servants.
    When Joanna arrived at the party and was presented with others sluts by her
    Goddess, she was chosen by a little man, pot-bellied, bald with moustache,
    around sixty-year.
    His name was Helmut, German, director of a small company who does business with
    different companies in Europe, so time to time, he comes to Romania and each
    time, he blocks a day in order to come to a party in the Castle.
    He was laughing a lot when he spoke History with Joanna and also, when he gave
    her to calculate some additions…He thought that really, these sissys have a
    bird brain, totally ninny and simpleton but with so nice ass…and amazing blow
    job when they suck dick!
    In fact, during dinner, Helmut orders Joanna to go under the table for a blow
    job, before fucking her at the dessert on doggy style.
    During the following months, each time when Helmut was coming to a party in the
  • castle, he was asking to have Joanna. Joanna, begun to appreciate this gentleman
    and also, discover the anal orgasm with him when he fucked her…
    After few months, before a party, he was going to see Goddess Antonella in order
    to propose her to finance surgical of Joanna’s breast implants, Goddess
    Antonella accepted with request, in fact, it was usual and regular practice.
    During the party, Helmut has announced this decision like a gift supreme from
    Goddess Antonella and him…Joanna was so overblown with emotion, she poured a
    few tears and thanked helmut by telling him that she would be eternally grateful
    to him…