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Zapper is a term that is a synonym to slave or submissive.

The wooden horse is a commont item of BDSM furniture that consists of two wooden planks joined together at a sharp angle, in order to create pressure on a bottom’s genitals while bound to it as feet often can’t touch the floor.

WAM stands for Wet and Messy and it is a form of sexual play involving different quantity of food.

Waterboarding is the act of pouring water over a submissive’s face while being restrained on their back. The purpose is to feel the sensation of drowning. This is an edge play form so, it requires an experienced mistress like myself to do it in optimal and safety conditions.

Voice play is basically a form of psychological play that describes the mistress using a particular tone of voice in order to receive a response from the slave.

A vixen is basically a woman whose partner, usually a man, called Stag, enjoys watching that woman gaining sexual gratification with another man. It differs from cuckolding as it doesn’t include humiliation.

Violet Hand represents a device used in electrical play.

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